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The birth of an idea... Two young boys record themselves in slo-mo attempting skateboard tricks hoping to see where they were going wrong - "what if they could send the clips to an expert?"

Slo-mo video + Coach = SLOCOACH is born

Luke & Luke

"Since Early 2020, SLOCOACH has provided the best Athletes, Coaches and Experts around the world a platform to share their expertise, engage their followers and help those they inspire.

With the release of SLOCOACH 2.0, we have enriched the feature set while making it possible for organisations to Whitelabel the powerful platform to use within their ecosystems."

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Powered by SLOCOACH

 Looking for an Expert - Check out MIICOACH, our directory of the worlds best Coaches and Experts from around the world


Jeremy Flores



Michael Hooper


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Daren Sammy


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Laura Enever


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Mithali Raj



Tommy Fynn


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James O'Connor



Lauren Jackson




Who can be a Customer?

Anyone can be! SLOCOACH is about you being your best, regardless of your experience or ability. We aim to provide you with expert training and feedback that hasn’t been available before.

What's a session?

A session is what we call the interaction between a Coach and Customer. This includes uploading videos and receiving feedback from your Coach.

How do I set up a profile and why is it important?

You can create a SLOCOACH profile by signing up here. Your profile is important to help the Coaches get to know you. The more your Coach knows, the better the job they can do for you. Once you have a SLOCOACH profile you can follow any Coaches you like. 

How do I check the status of my session?

You can log into your profile anytime and track the progress of your session. We'll also email you when your session has been responded to.

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?

Just click here and press "Forgot my password".

Where is SLOCOACH available?

Anyone can book a session with one of our Coaches regardless of where they live, provided they have a camera to record their activity and access to an internet browser. We have Coaches and Customers interacting from locations all around the world.

What payment methods do you offer?

Credit and Debit Cards only at this point.

How do I shoot the best video?

Check these guidelines out https://youtu.be/VrtPjiiwfnU

What if my video isn't good enough for the Coach?

Your Coach will message you back with comments if they need a different angle or specific look.

Am I really interacting with the Coach I booked?

Yep - the proof is in the return video that includes a video of your Coach.

Why are Coaches priced differently?

Our Coaches determine their own pricing.





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